The month of March was a lit one! If you missed out on the following shows, don’t worry because I got the April Hip-Hop calendar dropping in a couple of days so you know who’s game to peep for the entire month. As for this past month, the Bay Area had a good dose of blessings from a number of artists on tour. From Chi-town, Miami, Maryland, Tennessee, and eventually coming full circle back to the bay, the month of March in 2017 will be remembered as a true hip-hop roller coaster for all the dopeness that was imprinted into our minds from the performances that we witnessed.




Ever since Saba released his Bucket List Project, all of his fans were waiting for a tour announcement. Bucket List Project released on October 27th, 2016. Three months of growing buzz as a little brother in the Chicago hp-hop scene was all it took as his headlining tour was announced on January 19th, 2017. This show was nothing short of the hype.

Sylvan Lacue was a great compliment on this tour as a supporting performer. He was all about the hands that night, consistently requesting them up from the crowd. He actually claimed that we would get a workout from his high demand of arm movement. Everybody went with it.  Check out the clip below:

Told you he was bout that life! But really though, his crowd engagement was top notch. As an emcee, the artist formerly known as QuEST brought out his heavy hits with Caravan ’04, The Truman Show, & Best Me to the stage in addition to many others from his 2016 release, Far From Familiar. I was very disappointed that he didn’t perform Televised at first but then I thought about his verse and how fast and intricate they were per word. Yea, I don’t think the world would have been ready to see that live.

Saba was a on a whole other level as soon as he took the stage. I’ve seen many of Chicago’s dopest come and perform in the bay from Chance to Mick, from Lupe to Common. I felt like this was a moment in history that bridged two regions that have bred and developed amazing artists & figures in the industry. For this one hour or more that he was on stage, both the crowd and performer were in the presence of something that would take them far into the future in this same situation. That’s what I was feeling while he was performing World In My Hands.

Everybody wants the world in their hands. Some will get it and then let it go. But not Saba. I have listened to this song for days at a time and seeing it live showed Saba’s embrace of the world and all in it. Saba also performed project hits, Bucket List, The Billy Williams Story, and Westside Bound 3. None of them getting his fans more hyped than ending out with Angels that of course includes fellow Chicago son Chance The Rapper. That was definitely the move to end out the show.




Tickets were flyin’ once the Lil Sunny tour was announced. They were flying everywhere but not to me. The demand was so high for the New Parish, they ended up adding a second show. I was thinking that the 2nd show would be the next night, but no! It ended up being right after the 1st one as a midnight show. Now that’s efficiency for anybody on the type of tour Isaiah was on.  And hella BAY-destrians came through to sell out both shows! That’s love.

Jay IDK warmed up the crowd for Isaiah and he did a damn good job getting us ready. I jumped in the mosh-pit. When a performer tells you to get one going , you honestly should not ask any questions and just do it. You’ll have fun. They’re telling you to do it for a reason. I hope you got your Nikes on! The clip below isn’t crazy or nothing but it was definitely pre turn-up.

Isaiah gave Oakland everything he had to offer. He brought his hits from Cilvia Demo with Heavenly Father, Tranquility, & Shot You Down. Now that I think about, that was the first time maybe anybody in the building heard him perform songs from his first project live…EVER! I don’t recall there being a tour when he released Cilvia Demo so we were really seeing Isaiah for the first time in every sense.

It was pretty lit in the there and it got even more lit when I saw Isaiah hit the blunt from a generous and sincere fan. Such a touching moment in any performer-fan interaction.

Then I thought, “wait is that cool for him to do?” with his substance abuse history in mind.

Then I was like, “it’s just tree, he’s good”

I’m sure everybody was thinking it.

Isaiah long awaited Bay Area appearance came in two waves both just as successful as the other. Or at least that’s what I heard from the 1st show. This one’s for Isaiah continuing a clean ascension and making more honest and real music.



HIERO HQ // MARCH 25TH, 2017

This was as legit as a 420 party could get. Popcorn, beverages, cake, BBQ, wings, & potato salad all potent enough to keep us up there for days! In which, the next day I did wake up still feeling the effects. Not complaining though.

The entire Hiero crew was in the building and they decided to premiere their Til Infinity Documentary that follows their journey from the beginning and getting their personal experiences along the way. For somebody my age, early 20s, I definitely don’t have the memory much less was even born yet when they started out. I was probably one of the youngest beings in the room, but it was a great learning experience for anybody my age.

In addition to Hiero Day, it’s always a blessing to watch the Hiero crew all on stage together. This was a great occasion being the 20th anniversary of the Hieroglyphics Imperium becoming an independent label.

2017-03-25 21.02.50