Russ Proves Doing it Your Way is The Best Way

It’s 8 o’clock pm out in downtown Oakland. The squad and I are rushing to get to the Fox Theater. We know it’s going to be a poppin’ show, we just have to get there. Who, you ask, is the reason why so many others like us rush to the venue with the ambitions of turning up?!

Well, let me tell you that we all weren’t lining up for just any regular artist or rapper. In an internet age where new music is as easy as pressing a button, the artist that many of us purchased a forty dollar ticket to see also happens to be one who has released a new song almost every week for the past several years. Yea, that’s right. It can be done and the man behind the drive, Russ, does not intend on taking his foot off of the gas.

As we all wait in the theater, anticipating any type of signal that would indicate that the show would start, the beat drops hard.

“Bitch I’m T’dddddddddddddd up

– Russ’ opening up at Fox Theater

The audience absolutely loses their mind, including myself, and go along with the track that has over 3 million plays on SoundCloud. As a matter of fact, damn near every track that he has released on his SoundCloud page has been played over 1 million times. If you haven’t contributed at least one of those plays for his music, then a million other people just got the head-start.

The hard work that Russ has demonstrated through the power of the internet has taken him on a long journey. One that took him on already several tours (Did It My Way Tour & Yung God Tour both in 2016) that eventually led him here in Oakland on the Real Fans Tour. Everybody in the building knows what it means to be a real fan. I know this because I heard almost every lyric recited by them as Russ performed each song. CRAAZY!

What They Want. Losin’ Control. Moonlight In Atlanta. Down For You. The Otherside. Tsunami.

Just naming a few, yet there was still so much more that we as fans wanted to see out of his performance. What we all didn’t know, was that Russ has stronger ties to the bay than what we had basic knowledge of. Russ went into each track with an explanation or a monologue perhaps that acted as his own personal ode to the next song. And then it happened….

Kehlani. Yea, the bay area native even made it into the conversation. The song that followed the Sweet Sexy Savage’s mentioning was none other than Psycho Pt. 2A song that seems to express Russ’ vulnerable side as he puts into words everything he loves about this girl that this song is directed to. The speculation is crazy to think about and I hope a collaboration comes in the near future because of this.

As Russ neared the end of the show, the bay area ties only got stronger. If you look through many of his tracks, you would notice that he rarely has any other artists feature on his songs. Until his latest release, Take It All Inblessed all of our news feed on social media. The doper part, he had Rexx Life Raj feature on this track!

Wait what?! That’s right, the young Father Figure found his way to the Fox Theater stage and they both performed this A-1 track together. A great moment in the history of fandom for these 2 artists.

This concluded a great concert that incorporated many different feelings. I’m sure many different feelings on Russ’ end and many different feelings on the audience’s end. Russ has been doing it his way pretty much forever and the world is taking notice. The smart thing to do with this notice is do as Russ does and do it your way too.