That of course was all that we heard in Oakland last night as Elujay & Friends kicked off at Starline Social Club with an amazing, energetic, and soulful sold out crowd.There was plenty to look forward to as Wade08, Rayana Jay, Julia Lewis, YMTK, & Elujay, along with his surprise friends, were all set to take the stage for a night of faded fun and friends. This was truly a lineup of high demand and though I did not make it for the dope and smooth opening sets of Wade08 & Rayana Jay (apologies to them), the rest of the show still brought great enjoyment for a young and inspired audience.

Let me start by saying that Starline Social Club is a great venue to hold any genre show/concert in the bay area. The 400-guest capacity along with the projector that creates images and visuals on the wall to the left of the stage is more than enough to create an awesome entertainment and live performance experience.

When the squad and I pulled up, Julia Lewis was on deck to start his DJ set. After hearing his production work on Caleborate’s 1993, I knew this was a set that I did not want to miss. Along with the dope visuals on the wall via projector, his set style was very new-age with a good blend of hip-hop that moved the crowd in so many ways. Don’t sleep on Julia, y’all!


Now that we were warmed up from an active DJ set, we became even more juiced for any live performance. Considering that we also saw some of Elujay’s “surprise” friends/guests already, it was just a waiting game until they came on stage and pure madness would break out. Eventually… Then YMTK took his place  under the stage lights and I remember wondering if he was going to perform Exotic because I felt like that would’ve got the crowd moving. He didn’t. But he still put on a good show. Busting out the slaps, he performed one of his latest singles, Silk, and ending with No Rest (West Coast) minus Iamsu. In the midst of all of this he also brought out a friend that everybody in the bay is familiar with and their work together on several single collaborations.


As you can see from the clip above, the Father Figure himself, Rexx Life Raj was in the building to give this sold out crowd their moneys worth. He gave us live interpretations of Shit N’ Floss Handheld GPS. Those 2 tracks are his only ones to have exceeded above 1 million plays on Spotify. You can also see from the clip above that the cameraman, aka Me, could not contain himself as the turn-up got real and really should’ve stopped the video recording, but you know, whatever. I think it is safe to say that Rexx can easily make the party go up. I know this because I was turning up with Elujay’s drummer who happened to be in the crowd at the time.

“Rexx Life making worlds collide for the better…..”


Let me just say Elujay has some really cool friends. 3 of whom together made up the live band that consisted of a drummer, keyboarder, and guitarist. This is exactly what was expected after catching his Oaklandish performance. There is nothing like a performance with a live band. You know that feeling when a concert ends? If that concert had a live band playing, then that feeling is going to last for a cool minute. Bands aside, he started out shaky in the beginning but grew more comfortable knowing everyone in the building  was there cheering for him. There is plenty of room for growth in this young emcee and his potential was on full display as he performed Jentrify hits Respirate/Atlas, 580, and Flagrant with YMTK. Of course, he would not let the night end without bringing out one more friend who everyone knew was in the building.

Iamsu was in attendance chopping it up with the crowd and enjoying himsel. Little did we know earlier, we were in store for a massive turn-up that would be the icing on the cake of a truly great show. Iamsu made his way up to the stage and praised Elujay’s talents and potential. He then proceeded to offer the crowd this:


Without any hesitation, me and my friends are up in that quicker than anybody else in the building. As soon as Dawgs dropped, that was the only thing I remembered from that point in time. And when you’re lost in this, it’s all about living in the moment and moshing when Su requests a mosh-pit.

Big shout out of support to Elujay and all of the friends that were in the building.

Next time there needs to be a bounce house!


Written by: DEE Mobby